Targeting Local Audiences With Search

I mowed a lot of lawns as a kid. Miles of green lawns with perfectly striped mower lines were a fact of life and, frankly, a point of pride in Kansas City. Mowing was my first business. Sometimes, I really miss the simplicity of a defined set of tools, a limited amount of daylight, and a job with a clear point of completion (not to mention the smell of freshly cut grass).
Much of what I learned then I still use today. As a marketer, I like to have my tools clearly laid out before me. I need to understand how to take advantage of an opportunity as it arises. I need to know when the time’s right and when to be patient. Most importantly, I need to know my limitations (how far I can drag a lawnmower?) and how to reach potential customers in that area. This meant hanging flyers, knocking on doors, and getting good buzz among the neighbors. Had the business grown, it might have gone as far as the yellow pages or direct mail campaigns for lawn-care services.

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