Sun-Times nets Google ad deal

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Google Inc., the new-media giant, now has a decidedly old-media partner: the Chicago Sun-Times.

In a quiet and small-scale experiment, Google is running classified-like ads in the pages of the Sun-Times, which so far is the only newspaper participating in the Web-search behemoth’s test.

The deal, terms of which were not disclosed, allows Google to fill what’s known as “remnant space” in the Sun-Times — unsold space where the paper would normally run in-house ads. Google fills those spots with its own ads. The Google connection is hardly trumpeted: “Ads by Google” appears at the top of each box of ads in very small type.

Google is best-known as an Internet search engine, of course, but nearly all of its revenue comes from ads. Through the first three quarters of 2005, the California-based company posted $4.2 billion in advertising revenue, up 96% from the year-earlier period. Most ads on Google’s site are keyed to its users’ search terms.

Now, in the Sun-Times, Google is running ads in proximity to relevant content. On Dec. 12, for instance, Google ads touting ticket brokers, White Sox apparel and Chicago Bears memorabilia ran in the Sports section.

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