Googlefasting a habit worth having?

mr prillo started a thing and a lot of people follow e.g. at wired main thing don’t you use the google engine …

# Searched for “Holy Grail” – trying to find out what the latest DVD edition happens to be, as Ponzi’s never seen the movie before (seriously). Narrowed my search slightly by adding “DVD” to the query string. Turns out, it’s Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Special Edition), which I believe I already own. We’re set. I’ll force her to view it before we watch “Life of Brian.” Rather disappointed that I didn’t get an image or suggestion for more information on the movie (at least, from Yahoo!).

# Luckily, I haven’t spent much time in front of the computer today – nor will I for the duration of the evening. We’re flying from NYC to Seattle this evening, and they don’t have Connexion by Boeing (but they do have 35 channels of live DirecTV programming).

# Just got called by a Canadian freelance reporter, who apparently is working on a story that should be printed in 11 of Canada’s more popular newspapers. I’m expecting Oprah to call next. Not.


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