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DMOZ not being indexed by google anymore?

The DMOZ directory was down for quite q while now, but most of the systems are back and working since a cuple of weeks now.
However I have realized that Google seems not to index the directory anymore or at least very slowly. Pages I’ve added several weeks ago are not in the index yet and these are not only leaf-level categories I’m talking about here.

Top: Computers: Internet: Searching: Directories

Thats weird I think …

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Google and Yahoo! Sites Lead in Local Search Market Share

According to the study, 63 percent of U.S. Internet users (or approximately 109 million people) performed a local search online in July, a 43-percent increase versus July of 2005. Google Sites (30 percent) and Yahoo! Sites (29 percent) garnered the largest share of local searches in July. Microsoft Sites captured 12 percent of local searches, followed by the Time Warner Network with 7 percent.

    Share of Local Searches by Site
    July 2006
    Total U.S. Home, Work and University Locations
    Source: comScore qSearch

    Total Internet Population                 100%
    Google Sites                             29.8%
    Yahoo! Sites                             29.2%
    Microsoft Sites                          12.3%
    Time Warner Network                       7.1%
    Verizon Communications                    6.6%                           3.9%
    Ask Network                               2.7%                                     1.9%
    InfoSpace Network                             1.9%                                 1.4%
    All Other                                             3.2%

read on my dear

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Litec wird 10 Jahre alt :) häbby birthday!

diesem Grund haben wir uns eine Aktion für Sie, liebe Stammkunden
überlegt. Sie können im Kommentarbereich dieses Eintrags Ihre
persönlche Litec-Geschichte hinterlassen. Seit wann kaufen Sie bei uns
ein? Welche Gründe gab es, uns über die Jahre die Treue zu halten?

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ccs yhlocal

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Yahoo! Local Search Germany

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GeoWhitePages is the place to start to find accurate information about people and where to find them. We even show you where they live on a map. enables you to run Intelius background checks , locate assets, verify property value, and more using nationwide public records compiled from official data sources.

Perform Name, Phone and Map searches by clicking on the tabs above and look for friends and family or to run an employee or tenant screening check.

Click on the green census cylinders to give you the 2000 U.S. Census data of the areas your friends or family live.

Click anywhere on the map to display a Target icon that you can drag and use to view where people live in the surrounding area.

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Inside Google Sitemaps: Issues with the site: operator query

there has ben some rumors in the blog and forumsphere … and now it’s official google has been facing problems with the query.

We’d like to give you all a quick update on some of the issues you have been seeing when you do a site: search to see how many pages of your site are in the index. We’ve been refreshing our supplemental results (you can read more about that in Matt Cutts’ blog post) and this refresh has involved some serious changes under the hood. Unfortunately, with change of this scale, there sometimes are bugs. In this case, we found a few bugs that affected the site: operator. Some particular ones you may have noticed are that the following types of queries don’t return the correct number of results:

* site: queries where you type in a trailing slash (such as
* site: queries for a domain with punctuation (such as site:

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