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GeoWhitePages is the place to start to find accurate information about people and where to find them. We even show you where they live on a map. enables you to run Intelius background checks , locate assets, verify property value, and more using nationwide public records compiled from official data sources.

Perform Name, Phone and Map searches by clicking on the tabs above and look for friends and family or to run an employee or tenant screening check.

Click on the green census cylinders to give you the 2000 U.S. Census data of the areas your friends or family live.

Click anywhere on the map to display a Target icon that you can drag and use to view where people live in the surrounding area.

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Inside Google Sitemaps: Issues with the site: operator query

there has ben some rumors in the blog and forumsphere … and now it’s official google has been facing problems with the query.

We’d like to give you all a quick update on some of the issues you have been seeing when you do a site: search to see how many pages of your site are in the index. We’ve been refreshing our supplemental results (you can read more about that in Matt Cutts’ blog post) and this refresh has involved some serious changes under the hood. Unfortunately, with change of this scale, there sometimes are bugs. In this case, we found a few bugs that affected the site: operator. Some particular ones you may have noticed are that the following types of queries don’t return the correct number of results:

* site: queries where you type in a trailing slash (such as
* site: queries for a domain with punctuation (such as site:

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Yahoo fighting spam Combating Web Spam with TrustRank

Web spam pages use various techniques to achieve higher-than-deserved rankings in a search engine’s results. While human experts can identify spam, it is too expensive to manually evaluate a large number of pages …. read on

full text .pdf

Link-based spam detection

A computer implemented method of ranking search hits in a search result
set. The computer-implemented method includes receiving a query from a
user and generating a list of hits related to the query, where each of
the hits has a relevance to the query, where the hits have one or more
boosting linked documents pointing to the hits, and where the boosting
linked documents affect the relevance of the hits to the query. The
method associates a metric to each of at least a subset of the hits, the
metric being representative of the number of boosting linked documents
that point to each of at least a subset of the hits and which
artificially inflate the relevance of the hits. The method then compares
the metric, which is representative of the size of a spam farm pointing
to the hit, with a threshold value, processes the list of hits to form a
modified list based in part on the comparison, and transmits the modified
list to the user.

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babelfish now at YAHOO

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Computer Hardware Service Straubing

Vor Ort ServicVor Service Haben Sie Probleme mit Ihrem Computer, Drucker, Scanner, Modem, Heimnetzwerk, oder Ihrer Telefonanlage? Oder wollen Sie nur Internet und Email einrichten? Haben Sie einen Virus auf Ihrem PC? Opfern Sie nicht Ihre wertvolle Zeit! Wir kommen und helfen Ihnen vor Ort oder wir nehmen Ihren Computer mit und bringen ihn rasch und kostengünstig wieder zurück.
Computer Schulungen

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local search – the place to be …?

after some time in the business now I asked myself do you still believe that local search is the place to be right now – and guess what I’d say yes!
read more at my local search blog on locallytype the blog on search media and local yellowpage business.

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